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Fort Deseret

Elias August Beckstrand and Anna Sophia Heggland Beckstrand, first settled in a home on the corner of North Temple and West Temple in Salt Lake City--there could be three choices--where the parking lot is now, where the Conference Center is now or where the Church History Museum is now.

Later they were sent as some original pioneers to Deseret to make a settlement there. They helped to build this fort and lived there for several years.

"In the Spring of 1963, Brigham Young called this young couple to go south and settle in Deseret, Millard County. They traded their home for a team, covered wagon and a few cooking utensils and started for their new home. They helped to build a fort for the settlers for protection against the Indians. The settlers build a dam on the Sevier River to enable them to run water over the dry, dusty section of land which the people had plowed and planted into grain.

Year after year they plowed and planted but each year they were disappointed as the water would wash out the dam and their crops would dry up....The people in Deseret became very discouraged and when Brigham Young came down and saw the situation, he told them to move to other places if they desired. Elias and his family moved to the little settlement of Meadow (also in Millard County) in 1868."


Histories Compiled and Edited by Sue Anne Beckstrand Thompson
Our Beckstrand Heritage: Christina Beckstrand Pehrsson, Karl Johan Beckstrand, Elias August Beckstrand and their families
(Logan, Ut., self published, 2003) p.88